Loungin' w/ Kamaiyah

Source: Mass Appeal

“Chillin with my cousins in their playhouse in this player-ass hammock.” That’s how Kamaiyah described her visit to Mass Appeal Manor. Many artists pulled up to our secret location in Austin, Texas. Many attempted to lounge in the Hip Hop Hammock. (Shout out to Ugly God!) But if you ask Kamaiyah, none of them was really doin’ it right. Sometimes it takes a true player from Oakland to show folks how to lounge the real way. “I went from ‘How Does it Feel To Be Rich' to being ‘Addicted to Ballin,’” Kamaiyah reflected, looking resplendent in her Afrocentric headband and Black College hoodie. Her inspiration to reach this far in the rap game? Tupac of course. “Everything he said to read I read," she says. "Everything he told me to do, I did. That’s why I got so much respect for myself. Cause he respected me as a black woman. Twenty years later you got Kamaiyah in a hammock because of Tupac.” Check out the latest episode of Loungin’ right now.

Michael Bartee 2nd