Open Space: @Royceda59 | @MassAppeal

Source: Mass Appeal

“I’m more aware than I’ve ever been,” says Royce the 5’9”. But the veteran Detroit rapper isn’t really talking about political wokeness, he’s just finally in a place in his life where he’s more conscious of what’s going on in his head and in the world around him. This new intensity was obvious during his recent visit to MASS APPEAL HQ. It can also be heard on his new album ‘Book of Ryan.’ Speaking of the five-year recording process, Royces says, “It took everything out of me—mentally, physically, and financially.” Royce tells the stories behind ‘Book of Ryan' singles “Boblo Boat” and “Caterpillar,” but he also reveals how his newfound sobriety makes him feel like all his years on Earth were leading up to the recording this album. "“All my other albums were just moments, just moments of clarity,” he says. "This album is just me dialed in, all the way through. And that’s my life, I’m dialed in 24 hours a day.”

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