@KarenCivil @YuMingWu & @TarikBaker Face Off With an Amateur Sneaker Designer | Good Looking Out @complex

Source: Complex

This week, "Good Looking Out" host, Karen Civil, is joined by sneaker industry pioneer and Stadium Goods’, Chief Marketing Manager, Yu-Ming Wu as well as high-end sneaker Accessory Designer, Tarik "Starway" Baker, founder of, Aglit Italy, to hear a pitch from a sneaker entrepreneur who is not quite prepared for his big break. Also, find out how Karen and her guests feel about Converse’s recent collaborations with Vince Staples and Miley Cyrus, and their thoughts on why brands should follow Adidas' footsteps and focus on e-commerce. Plus, they’ll take a question from a viewer who is wondering how to expand, yet maintain company independence.


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